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Commercial photography for creative people

Margo Reed combines the authenticity of photojournalism with the skillset of a commercial photographer to tell visual stories for artists, craftspeople, and education institutions. Serving clients from Greater Philadelphia to New York City, and everywhere in-between.

Working with Margo:

Hi, I'm Margo. I am a commercial photographer and videographer. I combine the authenticity of photojournalism with the skillset of a commercial photographer to create modern visuals that enhance your brand.

You will never find yourself striking a pose in front of me. When you work with my team, we place you in your element of comfort. For some, that might be on set for the school's promotional video. For others, it might be during portraits in the music library. Nonetheless, we will collaborate with you to tell your story.

We will discuss and provide guidance in your narrative from pre-production all the way through deadline day. My job is to create visuals that not only highlight your artistic excellence but also the culture of your community.

Reach out with a pitch including coverage needs, budget, and timeline, and you'll receive a custom quote directly from me. From there, we can jump into pre-production conversations or straight into production day for last-minute requests.

Why Video?

Investing in video marketing is not just about keeping up with trends; it's about effectively communicating your craft and story in a way that resonates with today's digital-savvy audience. Let us help you create impactful videos that highlight the best of your institution and attract the next generation of learners.

Enhanced Engagement

Videos captivate attention more effectively than text or images alone. They provide a dynamic and immersive experience that can showcase the
vibrant life of your studio, classroom or gallery and provide a platform for
personal testimonials or success stories.

Emotional Connection

Through compelling narratives and visual storytelling, videos can evoke emotions and create a strong, relatable connection with viewers. This emotional engagement can inspire trust and affinity towards your institution.

Improved Retention

Viewers are more likely to remember information presented in a video format. This makes video marketing an effective way to communicate your values, mission, and unique offerings, ensuring that your message sticks with your audience.

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20230803_Dragon Discoveries_Margo Reed Studio-9 - MargoReed