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Margo Reed

people-centered pictures for community-centered clients

Photo by Laura Savage

Working with margo

After completing a contract with the Philadelphia Inquirer in 2019, Margo established her studio to produce engaging content for people she previously would have worked with on news assignments. Today, that often includes healthcare institutions, government organizations, historical societies, and fellow artists. 

Margo hails from rural Pennsylvania, where she grew up next door to her grandparents. Her first work in photography often took place in their home. She also produced a project about their full time care for their disabled daughter there in 2020.

latest work:

Our Lost Creek

The first European settlers called the bowl-shaped valley "Oley" after the Lenni Lenape name for the region, "Olink," meaning kettle or hole. English Quakers, French Huguenots, and especially German immigrants were attracted to the valley's fertile farmland, abundant springs and flowing streams. These fertile fields and water sources still provide for family farms 300 years later. One of those family farms, "R Lost Creek Dairy Farm", has been run by the Schlegel family since 1935. 

After the creek dried up in the 1970s, the farm was part of a pioneering effort to put Oley township on the National Register of Historic places, which protects it from development that would further change the landscape of the valley.

"Our Lost Creek" retells the story of the Schlegel's Farm and outlines the impact it had in the historic Oley Valley.

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20221010_Stage Step Advertisements_Margo Reed Studio-260 - Margo Reed