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Preparing for your Portrait:

In past portraits sessions, you may have found yourself flushed with anxiety as you approach the photographer. The best way to make a good portrait is to have a laid-back, enjoyable experience. There are a few things you can do to feel ready: 

1. Arrive early. Give yourself time to decompress so you aren't sweaty, flushed, or anxious when you arrive for your portrait. Feel free to drop by the restroom and fix your hair / makeup before you come for your picture.

2. Plan your outfit and get comfortable in it before the shoot. You will not have time to change into or out of a tie, glasses, or blazer. Make sure you are confident and comfortable in whatever you are wearing.

3. Solid colors (anything except white) work best in a headshot and help to keep the focus on you rather than your clothes. 

What to Expect:

There are process-oriented reasons that photographers can only shoot a few frames per person but, Margo Reed and her team works to make you comfortable in the process. Here are a few things to expect when working with us:

 1. The photographer is limited in time and shots when working with large groups. They will probably ask you to turn a certain way based on the shape of your eyes, design of your hair, etc. This is because the camera's angle looks different than when you're looking straight into a mirror. 

2. You will receive instruction and direction, but you will also be asked to breathe, shake out your shoulders, and move around. The photographer can sense tension and discomfort in models. Trust that they will recognize this and will probably ask you to move if you look or feel this way.

3. You will not get a preview of your picture before you are finished with the shoot. 

4. Don't stress! We will do our best to make you and your personality a part of this headshot, even with limited time. If you would like more time, you are welcome to order more photos, or book a one-on-one session with Margo Reed, if you wish for more time in front of the camera! One-on-one portrait sessions are catered to your individual needs. Take a look at Margo's portrait portfolio to see some of her work and contact her about a photo session here

Meet the Photographers:


I had been selling my images since I was 15. By the time I was 19 I thought I was pretty good. I got hired on a part time basis to carry stuff for a photographer. So in a sense all I was, was very cheap labor to carry stuff, my ability with a camera was incidental.

Margo, here. Photographer and videographer specializing in people photography

I pride myself in photographing people who are not typically seen in front of the camera. This might include a surgeon at work, a historian researching language, a jazz artist releasing their first album, and ore. I make portraits and videos for people who are on the cusp of becoming big news. 

My work is inspired by traditional visual and oral storytelling used in news photojournalism, and am frequently contracted by editorial and commercial clients. I don't have much time in addition to photography, but when I do, I like to spend it renovating my historic house, or tending to my garden in the summer.

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Lora Sherrodd is a portrait and lighting wizard, who will be on-site to help keep track of who comes for their portrait appointment. 

Mary Reed for America Reimagined - MargoReed