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Documentary Photography

This is where documentary photography meets family portraits. 

Sometimes the challenging, monotonous moments are also the most forgettable to the common eye. But they also have the most impact as you look back on them or track your growth. My job as a documentary photographer is to be there to capture the beauty and reality of your everyday.

It’s not just a beautiful portrait shoot (and let's be honest, your baby will cry through that anyway) , but an approach to documenting your family as a whole, in your most natural form. 

There’s much to be said in what some would describe as unremarkable moments at home. As a documentary photographer, I don’t pose you or alter your environment. Instead, my job is to make sense of the chaos, challenge, and sentiment to honor reality in a beautiful way.

Photo Stories

A documentary photo story takes place over an extended period of time and often documents change. Common themes include: 

- Life in family business 
- Birth / Adoption story
- Overcoming an obstacle such as injury / disability 
- Home renovation

Margo will assist in identifying a story arc and choosing days and events to best illustrate it. The final images can be organized into a photo album with a text story, or delivered in a digital gallery. 

Turn your story into a book

Your family's images will be delivered as digital files that you can print and share online for your own personal use. Additional book and album design services are also available for up to six months after your shoot.  Click the samples below to read more. 


A Moment

- 90 minutes of Margo's service
- 1 location
- 40 digital images
- 1 directed family portrait

Digital image gallery: $450
Photo albums: starting at $450

A Day in the Life

- 1 consultation call to choose the story
- 6-12 hours of photography
- 100 digital images
- 1 directed family portrait

Digital images: starting at $800
Photo albums: starting at $600

Documentary Photo Story

- 2-3 consultation and pre-production meetings
- 3 photography dates for a total of 24 hours
- 200 digital images
- 3 directed family portraits

Digital images: starting at $1950
Photo albums: starting at $1000

Oral History Films

An oral history video is a story told by someone recounting lived, often historical, experiences.

Common themes include: 
- life in the family business
- Birth or marriage story
- Cooking a favorite recipe

Margo assists in storytelling, videography, and editing and her services are available to the public.

All video packages include a 2-hour video interview. More dynamic, edited videos will include clips from your interview + family video footage.  

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