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Margo Reed Margo Reed

Photo Stories

 Cling Wrap

To illustrate the separation and suffocation many faced during the COVID-19 pandemic, Reed photographed life safely, wrapped and protected, from a distance, as it is the only way many of us saw each other safely for years.

Photographic Dream Journal

Using the subconscious as a common ground, this series re-creates my own dreams, as well as those that others have shared with me, in photographs. This work explores the human condition on its most universal level, and safeguards notions of empathy to push back against the biases that divide us in the waking world.

My Aging Family 

Cindy was born in 1958 with physical disabilities and an intellectual disorder, which went undiagnosed even after research continued well into the 21st century. Cindy, who communicated through actions rather than words, was expected to live approximately 20 years, but instead lived a fulfilling 62-years with her family.

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